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Lately, many people have switched from ordinary Whatsapp to FM Whatsapp.

This is done because the Whatsapp modification application has many interesting excellent features.

This excellent feature is not owned by other applications.

Before getting to know what are the features of the FM Whatsapp application, consider a brief explanation of the application.

What is FM Whatsapp?

FM Whatsapp 2021 is a modification of the Whatsapp application, where this is done with the addition of certain features.

The FM Whatsapp application belongs to the WA Mod or commonly known as third-party applications.

This means that the FM Wa application cannot be found officially in the Play Store. The name of the FM Whatsapp application is taken from the name of the developer which comes from the abbreviation “Fouad Mokdad”.

The developer deliberately gave the FM identity to the modified application.

With the aim of being the identity of the results of his hard work developing the Whatsapp modification application.

This modified application provides a lot of interesting features.

Of course, these various features can only be found in the modified Whatsapp application.

For this reason, this modified application has a lot of fans.

Especially for WA Mod users.

This modified application from Whatsapp is only available on smartphone devices.

However, you cannot use FM Whatsapp together with the official Whatsapp application.

Interesting Features of FM Whatsapp

As previously explained, the existence of this modified Whatsapp comes with a variety of excellent features.

What features can you get? Here are the details.

Sending Messages Without Saving Numbers

Official Whatsapp requires its users to save the destination number before sending messages.

This is different from users of the modified Whatsapp application.

This modified application allows users to send messages without having to save the destination number.

This is because there is a menu to directly send messages to new numbers.

The method needed to send messages is also quite easy.

You simply select the message a number menu in the right corner.

Then you will be asked to enter the destination number.

Then select the message menu to send a message. You can also directly call a new number by selecting the call menu.

Blue Checkmark Appears After Replying to Message

Whatsapp has three types of checkmarks as an identity.

A gray tick indicates that your message has been successfully sent but has not been received by anyone else.

The two gray ticks indicate that your message has been received by the destination number but has not been read by the recipient.

And the two blue ticks indicate that your message has been read by the recipient.

FM Whatsapp provides a feature where you can turn off the two blue ticks.

This feature can make messages from other communication partners will still have two gray ticks even though they have been read.

You can also set whether to keep the two gray ticks or change to two blue ticks when you have replied to messages from the other person.

Viewing Retracted or Deleted Messages

The official Whatsapp application has a “retract message” feature.

This feature is used to delete or withdraw messages that have been sent.

If the user makes a typo or typo, the sender can delete the message before it is seen by the destination number.

Not a few users also withdraw messages because they are just for fun and want to make you curious.

If you use a modified application, you can read the message even if it has been withdrawn.

Viewing Deleted Friend’s Status

The status that has been uploaded by the user can only be seen within a day or 24 hours.

You can also only see the status if the status is not deleted by the owner.

If the status has been deleted by the owner, then other people can no longer see it.

Unlike the official application, FM Whatsapp can see the status even though it has been deleted by the owner.

Amazingly, the status owner will not know that you have seen the status.

Screening Incoming Calls

Sometimes you will be able to receive calls from unwanted people. It could be that the person wants to terrorize and even cheat.

People like this will be a huge waste of your time.

This is the reason why this modified Whatsapp application has a feature to filter incoming calls.

You can choose any number that can make calls. So you don’t have to worry about being disturbed by unknown numbers.

Download Friend Status

Another interesting feature found in this modified application is that you can download the status uploaded by a contact friend.

Downloading these statuses can be done without using other supporting applications.

How to Download the FMWhatsapp Application Easily

This button is located at the bottom right of the status. The results of this download will be automatically saved in storage.

Lock Private Messages

Locking applications can indeed be done using the smartphone’s default settings.

However, this setting is not used to lock private messages.

This Whatsapp modified application can lock messages that you feel are very private.

With this security, only you can read the private message.

To lock the message can be done by selecting the Fouad Mod menu then selecting a password. Then you can set security with fingerprint or pin.

Changing Font Style

This modified application provides interesting features in the form of changing fonts or font styles for typing. You will not feel bored because of the same font style.

The way to change the font style is also very easy. That is, you simply enter the Fouad Mod menu and then select the universal menu.

Next choose the style menu and finally choose which font style to use in your application.

Changing Display Theme

In addition to changing the font style, you can also change the WhatsApp display theme as you wish.

The FM Whatsapp application provides lots of very interesting themes.

The way to change the theme is to go into Fouad Mod then select Yo Theme.

There you can choose the theme according to your wishes.

Changing the Shape of Emoticons

With FM Whatsapp you are guaranteed not to get bored using emoticons.

Emoticons on FM Whatsapp you can change their shape to various versions.

The way to change it is by selecting the Fouad Mod menu and then selecting the universal menu.

Next choose mods and determine the shape of the emoticon you want.

Is the FM Whatsapp App Safe?

Although many people have used modified Whatsapp, many still maintain their security.

Is this FM Whatsapp application safe to use?

What determines whether or not the FM Whatsapp application is safe, basically determines each user.

If, you don’t use it wisely, then the risk level of getting banned is also greater.

However, you don’t need to worry about using this Whatsapp modification application. Because the FM Whatsapp application has been claimed to be safe to use.

This can be proven in the features it has, namely the anti-blocking feature.

So you can keep your account safe.

Of course, the FM Whatsapp application can be responsible for any problems related to the application.

Those are some things related to FM Whatsapp and some interesting features in it.

Are you interested in using the FM Whatsapp application?

The FM Whatsapp application can make your communication media more interesting.

Of course you can adjust the usability of the features according to your application.

That’s all the Speaker of the House of Representatives can convey about FM Whatsapp that you can use easily.

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