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When discussing WhatsApp Mods, one of the things that comes to mind is GB WhatsApp.

Like other WA mod applications, GB WhatsApp offers various conveniences and interesting features compared to the official application.

However, before using it, it’s good for you to listen to a detailed explanation of this application.

Come on, see the explanation and find out below!

About GB WhatsApp Pro

GB WhatsApp is a modified application from another latest modified WhatsApp. Eits, wait a minute, still confused?

Well, so, WhatsApp pro is a development of WhatsApp Plus.

Where WhatsApp Plus is a modification of the official WA.

However, unfortunately, because it is an illegal application, WhatsApp Plus has been blocked by WhatsApp.

From here it can be seen that the use of this WA mod is quite risky, yes!

Well, you can only download the GB WA application through third-party websites or sources.

So, don’t expect GB WA to be available on the PlayStore, let alone the AppStore.

As additional information that this application is made by a senior member of XDA Developer.

This application offers more complete and diverse features than Facebook Inc’s WA application.

GB WhatsApp Pro Apk Security

Indeed, this latest version of GB WhatsApp which is updated is very interesting because of features such as being able to change the font style, remove the two ticks, remove typing status, view deleted statuses, and so on.

However, behind it all, you have to understand the risks. Some of them:

Malware Vulnerable

As an unofficial modified application, GB WA is more prone to carrying spyware and malware.

So, of course, the threat of data theft will always lurk.

For that, consider this risk further so that the data remains safe.

Vulnerable to Banned

Official WhatsApp of course does not support applications such as GB WhatsApp because it cannot validate the security practices carried out.

In fact, no half-hearted, WhatsApp threatens to be blocked if the user is caught using the WA mod application.

Do you agree and are prepared for the risks that may occur? If so, please continue reading this article.

However, if in doubt, maybe you can consider trying it on a second cellphone.

Where the number used is not the main number and is not an important number.

Features and Advantages of GB WA Pro Version

GB WhatsApp is very interesting to try. The reason is, there are many advantages that users can get that are not found in the official application.

In fact, you can also install it with the original WA on one cellphone. With you already know the use of WA GB Pro.

Then you can easily use it safely, anti-banned and good and easy to download the latest version.

So, later, there will be two different accounts on one phone.

Then, what makes many people try this application? Come on, find out below!

Strict Privacy

In the original WhatsApp, privacy seems to be a difficult thing to cover.
Such as the “online” status, the “typing” status, to the blue tick for messages that have been read.

To that end, GB WhatsApp offers something different. Where your privacy will be more guarded.

You can turn off the “online” and “typing” status features.

Also hide blue ticks and view status without the account owner knowing.

Customize Appearance and Theme

The original WhatsApp provides a choice of themes and appearances that are both the same and boring at the same time.
It is different with GB WhatsApp Pro 2021 which provides various and unique themes.

Accompanied by cute and unique pictures. You can also find an interesting dark mode.

Of course, it will make WhatsApp look more in line with personal desires and styles.

Apart from that, you can also change the conversation entry style.

So, it will look different from other people’s accounts.

Moreover, if you capture chat and make it a story, of course, friends will be curious about this unique look.

In the chat section, you can change the font color as you wish. Just choose the girly or masculine.

Free to Send Files

If you want more freedom to send large files, you can rely on GB WhatsApp.
The reason is, on the original WA, files that can be sent are a maximum size of 16 Gb.

While on GB WhatsApp, files that can be sent can reach 40 Gb.

So, you can send pictures, videos, or sounds in a larger size.

In addition, you can also send files in very large numbers. That is about 100 more files at the same time.

Of course, you will no longer be bothered by manually sending the files you need one by one.

Airplane Mode

Usually, you can only use airplane mode in the top tray screen settings. And applies to all kinds of applications.

However, GB Plus WhatsApp can actually activate airplane mode and only applies to the GB application.

So, other applications can still be active and the internet connection can reach them.

With just one tap, data will be deactivated for GB applications.

Scheduled Message Feature

This feature seems quite familiar to old phone users. Where, some operators provide scheduled messages that users can take advantage of.

So, the delivery time can be arranged and the message will automatically be sent according to the time you installed.

So, users can avoid negligence.

Like sending a happy birthday message to a partner or friend.

Other Features

There are also various other interesting features that you can find out about their existence in GB WhatsApp, including:

  • Can delete messages that have been sent.
  • Can read deleted chats. So, you are no longer curious about the contents of the message, okay!
  • Send automated messages, usually searched by users who use WA for business.
  • Can be used to disable internet connection.
  • WA lock without other apps.
  • Download other people’s status easily.
  • Send chat without saving number.
  • Claims to be more secure than previous apps.
  • Send chat without number (number hidden)
  • This many features also have a plus and minus value.

It could be that users even feel confused because there are so many features.

Moreover, for beginners who are less able to manage this kind of application.

Install GB WhatsApp on iPhone

Actually, to install GB WhatsApp on iPhone is almost the same as the installation process on Android.

You can see more details in the explanation below:

  • First download GB WhatsApp iOS on this link (Download here)
  • Next, grant installation permission from unknown sources on your iOS settings.
  • You do this by entering the settings menu and entering the security menu.
  • Check the permission to install apps from unknown sources.
  • After that, you can directly install the GB WA application.
  • Wait until the installation is complete.
  • Then, open the application and enter the phone number used to register the account.
  • Although it has many advantages, but as you know, there are also many risks that must be borne by the user.

Your data certainly cannot be completely safe from spyware and malware.

For that, it takes wisdom in its use.

If you ask, which GBWhatsApp link is safe, then the answer is nothing is completely safe.

But there are also other WhatsApp Mod Apks that you might try, such as FMWhatsapp, YoWhatsapp WhatsApp Aero, Baixar Whatsapp GB and also WA Fouad.

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