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For those of you who don’t like anti-mainstream applications, of course you will consider the modified version of WhatsApp.

As you know, there are a lot of WhatsApp modifications currently circulating. Starting from GB WhatsApp, fm WhatsApp, to WhatsApp Plus.

Well, one of the most popular APK mods and deserves to be discussed is WhatsApp Plus.

How is the performance of this application? Come on, find out in the discussion below!

About WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus is a third-party chat application or modification of WhatsApp.

Why do developers create a third app? Of course, to answer the need for features that are not owned by the most popular chat application in the community.

The developers of WhatsApp Plus are Rafalete from Spain and Sam Mods. Where Sam Mods also released a WhatsApp modification called GB WhatsApp.

Even though it is classified as an illegal application, the developer continues to update features and fix bugs so that the possibility of getting banned is very small.

The most obvious difference from WhatsApp Plus and the official WhatsApp is in the color of the icon.

Where the official WA has a green color, while WA Plus is blue.

Well, if you are not satisfied with the features of sending text messages, video calls, and sending pictures on the official WhatsApp.

So, WhatsApp Plus is one of the right mod applications.

However, you should also be aware of the risks. All the advantages of WA Plus to the disadvantages will be discussed in detail in this article!

Advantages of WhatsApp Plus 2021

Compared to the original version of WhatsApp, WA Plus has a number of advantages, especially in its interesting features. What are the advantages of WA Plus?

Auto Replay Feature

When you are working or doing certain activities, of course you don’t have time to reply to messages on WA.
However, this is different with WA Plus. Where you will get a special feature, namely automatic replay.

Of course, this feature is not owned by the original version of WA. How this feature works, for example, when you are busy with work and there is an incoming message.

Then, the automatic replay feature will reply to it for you.

Please just set the settings with the words “Sorry, for now I’m busy. I will reply when the work is done, thank you.

With this feature, people who send messages will feel appreciated. And understand the reason why you reply to the message in such a long time.

Hide Typing Status

Got a chat from someone important and you still think long enough to compose words to reply?
Of course the typing status on WhatsApp Plus is very annoying, right? So, you seem too convoluted.

For that, this feature in WA Plus will be very helpful. Where your privacy while typing will be hidden. Interesting, right?

Hide “Online” Status

If your status is online, but you don’t reply to the message, it will certainly irritate the person who sent the message.
For this reason, it is important to hide the online or offline privacy of your profile.

In addition, this feature can also set who can see this online status. So, there is still openness between you and your partner. Very flexible, yes!

Send High Quality Images

Although practical, original WhatsApp is not the right application if you want to send images of good quality.
Not infrequently, no matter how good an image, if sent via this application will make it look blurry.

Because, this application will automatically compress the images sent. However, now there is a solution, namely sending from WA Plus.

This application allows you to send HD quality images with good quality to the recipient.

Anti Delete Messages

Maybe, you’ve been curious about messages sent by someone who deleted in a short time. However, with WhatsApp Plus, you can see the message again.
The same applies to WhatsApp Plus stories from someone in the contact. Where the deleted story can still be seen.

Support Android and iOS Operation
For those of you who use Android, you can definitely use this WA Plus application.
The application is also compatible for the iOS operating system. Of course, iPhone users can also try it.

Sending Video Size 30 Mb

If on WA ori, you can only send videos with a maximum size of 16 MB. The good news is that on WhatsApp Plus, the video capacity that is sent can be twice as large, which is 30 MB.
Of course, you can more freely send videos with longer quality and duration.

Send 90 Photos in 1 Time

Ever wanted to send more than 10 photos on WA ori but couldn’t? Don’t worry, the WA Plus feature even allows you to send a maximum of 90 photos at a time.
It is understood that the purpose of WhatsApp is to limit the number of photos sent, of course, to avoid spam.

However, if you really need to send photos in large quantities, it is recommended to use this WA mod.

Status Up to 250 Characters

For those of you who want to pour out their hearts through WA status, of course it’s not enough with just 139 characters.

To solve this problem, WhatsApp Plus offers a status feature of up to 250 characters.

Of course, this allowance will make you more flexible in making sad, happy stories, or sharing experiences.

Non-Motone Theme

If you want a variety of WhatsApp Plus themes, of course the best answer is not in the original version of WhatsApp. But on WhatsApp Plus this.

The reason is, there are a variety of cool themes that can be used for free. So much fun, right?

Disadvantages of WhatsApp Plus

Although WhatsApp Plus has various advantages. However, there are still drawbacks.

Moreover, considering its status which is a modified WhatsApp Plus application (not to say illegal).

So, its use is clearly prohibited by WhatsApp. Actually, using this application does not hurt.

However, you must really understand the risks of using WhatsApp Plus.

Where, at any time can be banned. Although the developer claims to have an anti-banned feature.

For that, it is recommended to only use this application only for the second number. Never use it on major or important numbers.

So that you are more aware of the risks of using WhatsApp Plus, please see the drawbacks below!

Security at Risk

It is common knowledge, even though the developer promises account security, the risk is still big.

WA Plus is a third-party application where you don’t know what the people behind the scenes are doing.

For this reason, it should be noted that this modified application should not be used for business or financial related purposes.

It is more advisable for you to use the original WA only.

Irregular Updates

Another drawback of WhatsApp Plus is the irregular update schedule.

Compared to the original version which updates regularly, WA Plus only updates based on the wishes of the developer.

In fact, if the WhatsApp Plus application is not updated for a long time, it can cause a crash on your Android.

To update the latest application, then you can go directly to “settings”, then select “update”, then “check for updates”. If there is an update, click “web download”.

After that, just download the latest version of the application and install it. Finished!

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